I loved that monkey. I mean I really loved that monkey. Just holding it made me smile. My mommy & daddy took it away when I loved it so much I ripped it to pieces.
My baby picture. The bow lasted a couple of hours. Groomers usually will finish a Yorkie by adding a bow to their top-knot.
Me waiting for mommy and daddy. They told me it was a carry on.
Me on vacation with mommy & daddy in Key Largo.
Did you say "go for a ride?"
If you think it's so good, then why don't you eat it?
So this is why they don't put coffee cups on the coffee table...
Okay, I'm naked and wet. In case you can't tell, I'm not amused. Now put the camera down and dry my ass off before I pee in the kitchen sink. I'll also be sure to tell your friends that the same place you prepare dinner is where you give me a bath.
Me on the kitchen counter. Don't tell anybody that's ever eaten here. Or will eat here.
It's Saturday. If I wait until I'm 21 I may never get to do this.

(The picture is posed, the bottle was washed. Don't call the SPCA, YTCA, or any other acronym on my mommy & daddy.)
It's a cat bed for a full size cat. What's your point? I'm also Litter Box trained like a cat.
Me and my friend Bosco just lounging around. Want your dog to behave this well around other dogs?
Now that I'm clean, take a picture because the last 1,576 pictures you took just aren't enough.
I'm all grown up at a whopping 4 lbs. I'm a male Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) that loves to play, take walks, and amuse my mommy and daddy. I'm litter box trained. Usually. I also love to travel and go to Florida whenever I can.
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